The Syndicate

Mission Statement


  • Nature: This initiative is an interactive and proactive webring targeting to create more cohesion among all online presence of those that honor the work produced by TenThirteen Productions.
  • Aims:
    • This effort aims to cross-promote websites that share a similar vision. By creating a common platform where activities of the fandom can be referenced with mutual agreement, material is more easily accessible to all, thereby exposing people to a greater range of web content than might be presently available, while simultaneously achieving more cohesion between webmasters, fansites, and the public.
    • This effort is to encourage and promote content that offers a novel, serious, informative, well-articulated and professional-grade point of view on any aspect of the 1013 body of work.
  • Rationale: This effort comes from an admiration and a respect of the work created by TenThirteen Productions (1013) in several aspects. These include, but are not limited to, the acknowledgement of its artistic and technical qualities (such as acting, photography, production values) and the quality of the storytelling (such as writing, themes tackled) that went into the making of these shows and films. We believe that 1013 set a standard in the television medium that has become exemplary for productions that followed, and as such the added value to the history of the television and visual media, the mystery/science fiction genres, and popular culture in general should be recognized.


  • State of Fandom: This effort is a fan-led project. We feel that in its 17-year history, 1013 fandom has suffered from fractionalization and extreme partisanship resulting from a number of issues (namely, on The X-Files, acceptance of the evolution of the protagonists’ relationship, acceptance of the later seasons, acceptance of the 2008 film). In order to maintain and keep fandom alive and to steward the legacy of the works of 1013, we feel that cooperation and long-term thinking is to be recommended.
  • Scope: This effort concerns all 1013 works – The X-Files, Millennium, Harsh Realm, The Lone Gunmen, associated films, and future projects – and is not limited to one of the aforementioned.
  • Neutrality: The Syndicate will not sideline with political or religious ideologies. No discrimination will be made in terms of nationality and language.
  • Openness: This effort is open to all points of view. Not one single aspect of the work is to be given preferential treatment; all members should seek to promote fairness, equity and variety in the views expressed in their work. Negative views and criticism on the output of 1013 are not prohibited, as long as they are intelligently formulated, remain respectful of the people behind the creation of this work and are not conducted gratuitously or not properly justified; critical thought shall not be abolished on the grounds of fans supposedly adhering to unconditional appraisal of the object of discussion.


  • Copyright: Members shall try to respect copyright issues with regard to the rights holders of the works of 1013 (namely, TenThirteen Productions, Twentieth Century Fox Television and Twentieth Century Fox). Where it is not possible to maintain them, duly acknowledge rights by including a “faire use” clause (to the effect of "copyright infringement not intended").
  • Legal:
    • The Syndicate can be used as a communication tool for settling internal dispute among members. The Syndicate or access to its servers cannot be used as a retaliatiory tool against a member or a third party.
    • Unless otherwise decided unanimously by all members: The Syndicate will not be used as a tool for settling dispute between members and outside parties; should a rightful owner of the works of 1013 move legally against a member because of copyright infringement, the Syndicate shall be non-partisan in the legal dispute.


  • Website: The Syndicate shall maintain a website which will include explanations for its purpose and centralize information provided by its members. The URL address of the site is:
  • Expenditure: All members will collectively and equitably contribute to the financial expenditure stemming from Syndicate actions (payment for server space and domain name). A member initiating payment to third parties on behalf of the Syndicate will provide clear and transparent accounting and justification.
  • Content: Member sites should offer some original content of some kind. An English-speaking part of the member site is necessary.
  • Updates: All members will provide an RSS feed of their updates to the Syndicate so that it can be integrated in the Syndicate’s site.
  • Retirement:
    • Pending financial obligations, a member can retire from the Syndicate at any time of his/her own choosing.
    • If a member site comes to be defunct or discontinued for hosting reasons or for lack of will on the member’s part, the member will agree to allow his site’s original material to be salvaged and hosted on Syndicate servers for ulterior public consultation, the rationale behind this being the safeguarding of fandom efforts and work for the future.
  • Addition: A new member shall be added to the Syndicate by invitation or by candidature and examination, and in unanimous agreement with all members.

A member shall agree with all the points addressed in this document. Any amendments made to this document will have to be agreed upon by all members.