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  • Eat the Corn    

    Eat the Corn "Eat The Corn" is an X-Files focused site whose first aim is to explain clearly and in depth the mythology of the show from start to finish and provide answers where others claim none were given. It also examines storytelling techniques, looks at behind the scenes events that shaped the series and discusses its significance in popular culture and in the television serial medium.

  • Musings of an X-Phile     

    Musings of an X-Phile "Musings of an X-Phile" is a site devoted to in-depth analyses of X-Files episodes complete with whit and humor. Why watch alone? Make your way through the series with a community of thoughtful fans while adding your own insights and observations. Join us for a final, monster rewatch in hopeful anticipation of XF3!

  • Serenity of X    

    Serenity of X "Serenity of X" is an X-Files website for fans not focused on the Mulder/Scully relationship. SoX approaches updates and content on the fact that there's more to "The X-Files" than just Mulder and Scully. SoX is home to other X-Files sites such as Addicted To Doggett, Semper Fi (DSR), Always On Your Side (FRR), and the AU dramedy online series "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series.

  • The X-Files Lexicon     

    The X-Files Lexicon "The X-Files Lexicon" is an exhaustive referenced based guide to the Fox television show. Includes extensive episode guides, an accessible historical timeline, character dossiers, a paranormal omnibus featuring original articles on paranormal topics. The Lexicon includes a very active forum and networking resource. Archived articles and exclusive articles to the lexicon are featured, as well as exclusive interviews with cast and crew about the show.

  • X-Files Universe    

    X-Files Universe is a world-wide network of Philes. We offer X-Files news and interviews, an extensive episode guide, and a fanfiction section. Our forum community features lively discussion where members discuss episodes and cast, play games, and plan for "X-Files 3." A growing archival section and original fan art is also located within the forums. hosts a weekly installment of the ReWatch Project in the chatroom.

Archived Sites

  • Autumn Tysko's Reviews   

    Autumn Tysko's Reviews